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Kagome and Rin were walking to a small field to collect some flowers Rin need, you see it was a special time it was the day Sesshomaru was going to take her back to traveling she was nine and she had begged to return on his travels and he agreed to allow her.


Rin was often getting bullied in the village and wasn’t having fun at all there she often was with Sango, Kagome, Keade, Inuyasha or Miroku and no one else. Kagome was picking flowers to help her out Sesshomaru was going to be there in only half an hour.


Rin shook her head at Kagome “No, not the blue ones! Oh get the red ones and I’ll get pink and yellow!” Kagome agreed thinking about how this would be her last chance to do what she had always wanted. She never had a little sister and Rin was the closest thing she got, so she wasn’t going to miss out and Sesshomaru was now her scary brother in law she taught of a spectacular Idea. She smiled at Rin and grabbed her hand which was full of flowers “Careful they are for lord Sesshomaru!” Rin smiled and blushed thinking of her lord accepting these, she knew it was a long shot and she was young but she loved her lord and knew it.


Kagome smiled and looked as she dragged Rin into her and Inuyasha’s hut “Thinking about him again?” Rin blushed a deep red and nodded slowly. Kagome smiled digging in her deep trunk she had brought from her era here, she was going to give these things her own daughter but thought Rin was here and now and that daughter could be a few years until she got one of those so Rin would step up the receive the present Kagome brought.


Kagome pulled a card and picture from her yellow pack in the corner “Here Rin decorated this card how you like and give it to Sesshomaru.” Rin looked at the card and the materials lay out to decorate it and smiled then handed it to Kagome within a mere minute. Rin had a bad habit of pulling flower petals off when she was bored and oh boy was she bored a whole ten minutes with nothing to do. Kagome smiled with the huge bundle in her hand as she looked up she dropped it.


Rin had a smiling face while she was jumping on Kagome and Inuyasha’s bed, Rin had put flowers everywhere petals everywhere too. They were on the bed, on the walls thanks to glue Kagome gave her for the card, in kitchen pots and on the table and all over her.


XX Few minutes later XX


Sesshomaru walked into the after going to Keade’s and hearing his ward was not there, bit at his half-brother’s instead. When Sesshomaru walked into the room he say a small girl with a big pink sparkle filled tutu and pink shirt, with long socks with tiny ruffles, pink paint on her nose like a puppy nose, with hair in to big pigtails, she had black puppy ears and pink shiny bows in her hair with pink on her toe nails and finger nails and her mouth looked sticky with sweets she smiled and gave him a hug around his knees “LORD SESSHOMARU.”


He looked over at Kagome “Why?” She smiled and gave him a card she made this for you. He opened the card to see a picture Kagome had taken of them both about a month ago and it had a glitter border with a few flower petals glued to it.


He looked at Rin who was very hyper and jittery “How much sweets have you had?” She smiled and laughed hysterically “Fffithteen bags of cotton candy and skittles!” He glared at the Miko giggling in the corner as Rin was throwing glitter and flowers everywhere and some landed on Sesshomaru.


Jaken looked at her “Control yourself your making our lord look like a girl with all that …” Before he could finish his lord made him a bug under his shoe. He walked over and picked up Rin and was eye to eye with her and with his monotone voice Kagome though all was normal but Rin could tell her lord wasn’t amused “Calm down.”


She stared deep into his eye and gave him a quick peck on his lips, Kagome was shocked while Jaken was the same. Sesshomaru stood there trying to figure out what just happened he looked at his ward as she giggled “I Love You!” She soon wiggled out of his grasp and was throwing things everywhere, Kagome stood by him “She has a sugar high and is doing crazy things, don’t worry she will crash and sleep soon.” Just then she grabbed Jaken’s staff of two heads and was swinging it around mocking him and playing keep away while giggling away.


She was right a crash did happen Inuyasha threw open the hut door with a echoing crash and just then he looked around and saw a crazy pink half demon puff ball running everywhere, Jaken under his feet, his mate staring at him while his brother did the same. He yelled “What the hell is going on here I…”before he could finish his mate yelled out thirty sits causing him to pass out. Jaken groaned “Can’t feel my... Anything!”


When he woke the hut was back to normal his mate sewing at the table and he was in bed, he looked around “What happened, where is the pink dog girl and Sesshomaru and smashed Jaken?” Kagome smiled and laughed “Should I be worried about this pink girl dog stealing you away? You have the weirdest dreams just like that one where you though Shippo was kissing a ton of village girls because Miroku was teaching him so, or when you dreamed Kouga kissed me you and your fantasies.”


Sesshomaru was walking out of the village with a fresh kimono he brought Rin and his little ward in his arms asleep from the sugar rush as Jaken trailed behind them. Sesshomaru looked down at his ward “I’ll remember never to leave you in her care again the monk is more reliable than her.”


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