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I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.


Chapter 4 - I Thought It Went Well!


It had been nearly two weeks since the night he set up his two best friends, and at first Inuyasha had assumed that they were just busy getting to know each other and having fun dating. Now, though, he was beginning to worry. He hadn't heard from either of them since the strange and short conversations the morning after, and he usually talked to them at the very least every other day. Finally, he gave in to the urge to call and find out just what the hell was going on.


Miroku was first, and as soon as his friend answered the phone, Inuyasha knew something was off. He had never heard Miroku sound so... so... depressed. "Hey, man! What the hell's the matter with you? I haven't heard from you in forever, and you sound like shit!"


"God, Inuyasha, I thought it was bad when I couldn't stop thinking about her, and I didn't even know her name. Now is a million times worse. I wish you'd never set us up."


"What? I thought you said it went well!"


"I thought it did, but apparently she didn't think so. I called her, but she never called me back. I fucked it up somehow."


"Okay, you need to start at the beginning. Tell me about the whole night. Kagome sounded like she'd had a good time, too, but I haven't talked to her since that morning either. What happened after I left?"


"We talked and laughed and danced. I thought everything was perfect! She was so patient with me, even when I said the stupidest things."


"I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your foot out of your mouth or your hands to yourself. I still don't know how you managed to not get smacked," Inuyasha said with slight confusion in his voice. She had clocked him on the train for asking her to bear his child, but she didn't hit him once the whole night? It just didn't make sense to the hanyou who had known Kagome and her short temper long enough to have felt her wrath multiple times.


"I don't know either. Seeing her... well, it made me nervous, and every time I tried to compliment her, the most ridiculous things kept coming out of my mouth like I didn't have any say in it."


"Aww, man, what did you say?!"


Miroku sighed heavily. "That her breasts were perfectly symmetrical, that her ass was nice and squeezable," he admitted nearly tonelessly.


"And she didn't smack you?" the hanyou asked in shock.


"She laughed. She has the most beautiful laugh, like music."


Inuyasha smiled on his side of the line. He had never heard his friend so obviously enamored by just one girl. It sounded to him like Miroku had fallen for Kagome... hard. His smile turned to a frown when he remembered just how shitty Miroku sounded. Had he made a mistake setting them up together? If Kagome had enjoyed the night as much as it sounded so far then why wouldn't she have called him back? Something was wrong here, and he needed more info. "Go on," he gently encouraged.


"She asked if I wanted to get out of there, that it was too loud, and when we were going down that little flight of stairs, you know the ones..."


"Yeah," Inuyasha agreed with a nod, even though Miroku couldn't see it.


"One of her heels snapped, and she started to fall. I caught her before she hit the ground, and when she tried to take a step, she couldn't. She'd done a pretty good job of twisting her ankle. For a minute I thought she might have actually broken it. Anyway, I picked her up, carried her to my car, and drove her home. I helped her inside, got her ice. I even got her aspirin. I didn't really want to leave her since she was all alone, but I didn't have to cuz she asked if I wanted to stay and watch a movie. She let me put my arm around her, and she put her head on my shoulder, and eventually we fell asleep. We went back to sleep after you called. Her roommate woke us up a couple hours later when she came home. Everything was fine, I thought. She smiled at me, gave me her number, told me to call, but when I did, she didn't answer. I left a message, but she never called me back."


"That's odd. It sounds like she had a good time, even if she did hurt herself. That girl is clumsy like you wouldn't believe."


"Inuyasha, I made a fool of myself." Miroku's voice dropped to a lower, even more depressed tone.


Inuyasha scowled at the phone in his hand. "Whaddya mean?"


"When she didn't call me back, I called again, and then again. I was worried she couldn't get around. I had to have left a million messages. She's gotta think I'm a freak or a stalker or something by now. I couldn't stop myself. Now I can't get her out of my head. It's so much worse than before. God, Inuyasha, I've never felt like this about a girl before, and she must hate me!"


"You don't know that. There might be a reason she hasn't called you. Tell you what. I'm gonna call her and see what's up, and I'll call you back, alright?"


"You will? But then she'll just think I'm even worse, having you call her for me."


"I don't have to say I'm calling for you. I haven't heard from her since that morning, and I'm worried about her. I'll just casually ask what she thought about you. Just chill, and stop sounding so miserable."


"But I am miserable, Inuyasha."


The hanyou sighed and shook his head. "I know, man, I know. I'll call you back soon, ‘kay?"


"Yeah, sure," Miroku said flatly. "Bye."


Inuyasha stared at the dead phone for a minute before clicking it off and then back on and dialing Kagome. Something wasn't right. Kagome would never just ignore Miroku's calls. If she didn't want to see him again, she wouldn't have given him her number, and if she changed her mind, she would have told him flat out to stop calling. The girl wasn't subtle, that was for sure.


He dialed her cell phone and smirked when he heard her voice answering. "Hello?"


"Kaggie! Where the hell have you been? I haven't heard from you in almost two weeks."


"I'm not sure I want to talk to you at all at the moment, Yash."


"What? What the fuck did I do?" he nearly yelled into the phone.


Kagome sighed. "Why did you set me up with a jerk that won't even call me? I thought we had a good time, that he liked me, but apparently not."


Inuyasha frowned. "He hasn't called you?"


"Not fucking once. I don't need this. I was just fine before, and now I can't stop thinking about him, and he isn't interested. Just fucking great. Thanks a lot, Yash."


"Hang on a minute here, Kagome. You gave him your number, right? Home or cell?"


"Home, why?"


"And have you been home? Maybe he left messages?"


"I was at the shrine with Mama for the last week and a half or so. She wanted me to come over there when she heard I hurt my ankle, and then when it got better I hung around a few more days to help out. I called Kagura every day to see if he left any messages for me. Not a single one, the ass."


Inuyasha sucked in a breath, knowing what he was about to say was not going to make her happy in the least. "Kaggie, I just talked to him. He said he's been calling, and you never called him back. He left messages. Now he thinks you don't like him. Dude, I've never heard him so down before."


There was silence on the line for a minute, and the hanyou pulled the phone away from his head, holding it out at arm's length, knowing what was coming. Even with the distance between his ears and the phone, he could still clearly hear her. "That... bitch! I'm gonna fucking kill her! What the hell?"


When he was sure the outburst was over, Inuyasha brought the phone back to his head. "I don't know why she would lie to you or delete your messages, but she has to be. He said he called a lot." He laughed. "He's actually worried that you think he's a stalker or something because he called so many times. Kagome, he most definitely likes you."


"I'm going to kill her." Kagome's voice was now soft but laced with a dangerous tone that Inuyasha was glad wasn't aimed at him. "She fucked the whole thing up! Now he thinks I don't like him. Yasha, how do I fix this? I don't even have his number, or I would have called him a week ago just to tell him off for not calling."


"I have his number."


"I know, but I can't just call him and say ‘Hey, I heard you were calling, but my bitch of a roommate has apparently been deleting your messages and lying to me about it. So, you still interested?' It's too late. The whole thing's all screwed up."


Inuyasha laughed. "It's not too screwed up to fix. I know he'd be thrilled to hear from you. Just tell him the truth, and then give him your cell number."


Again the line fell silent, and the hanyou waited as his friend thought it over. "You really think he still likes me?"


"I don't think, babe. I know. Just call him and explain things. I don't know what Kagura thought she was doing, but you can't let her succeed, not if you like him, too. You do, don't you? I mean, would you go out with him again?"


Kagome snorted, and Inuyasha laughed again. "Yeah, I'd go out with him again, even with the wandering hands and the perviness. He was... sweet. Sweet and cute. I actually think I like him more than I've liked any guy in a long time. Fine, give me his number."


Inuyasha smiled and rolled off the digits. Miroku would be sounding a lot happier the next time he called. Even though his friend was a little odd, he really was a nice guy, and he deserved to be happy. Kagome had been rather down lately, not even bothering to date anymore since she broke up with her last boyfriend months ago, and she deserved to be happy, too. Seeing Miroku happy with Kagome, that was even better, like hitting two birds with one stone.

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