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Chapter 3

Sucked In

Three years after InuYasha was captured, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Sanku, Kagome, Kagashe, and Kirara were in Kagome’s house, when suddenly Shippo spoke, “Hey, isn’t Naraku dead?” he asked. “That’s what Kouga overheard Kanincha say,” Kagome said. “Then why does Miroku still have the wind tunnel?” Shippo asked. Kagashe and Kagome turned towards the door. “Kanincha is Naraku’s heart,” Kouga said, who walked through the door. “Wolf-man,” Kagashe said. Kouga looked at Kagashe and smiled. “No luck,” Kagome asked. “No, the building not only has guards at the front, but booby traps at the back and sides. He just captured another 100 people, also,” Kouga said, “I just wish I had gotten to him in time to help.” “No, if you had shown up, then you would have been captured as well,” Kagome said. “Well who do we have left?” Kouga asked. “Well Sesshomaru and his team are still around, and Kagura is now under his protection. Other then us they’re the only ones,” Kagome said.
Meanwhile, miles away, Kohaku and Kanna were fighting for their lives against Kanincha. Kanincha said, “Time to stop playing games,” with one swipe killed Kanna. He also took the shard from Kohaku, killing him.
Three nights later, Miroku, Sango, and Sanku, were at Mushi’s house, when a cloud of demons appeared. Miroku said, “Sango, Sanku get back.” Miroku ran out in front, and opened the Wind Tunnel, sucking in the demon cloud. He then closed it but with difficulty. After closing it he looked at his hand, which spat wind for a second and then stopped from under the prayer beads. Sango ran out to him and said, “Miroku are you okay?” “For now,” Miroku said, “Sango, don’t get too attached to me I doubt I have much longer to live.” Sango nodded, and the two of them went inside for the night.
Sanku stayed outside and Mushi looked at her; Sanku sat down and Mushi said, “Sanku, I’m afraid Miroku’s fate will be soon, and when that time comes try to remember the good times.” “I don’t get it,” Sanku said, “Are you saying my father is about to die?” “I just hope you won’t be present,” Mushi said.
The next morning, Miroku and Sango were outside, waiting on Sanku, when Miroku looked at his hand and took off. Sango yelled, “Miroku?” The staff had been left behind, and Sango ran after him, dropping the boomerang. Mushi saw them take off, and yelled, “Sango, stop!” Sango was out of earshot though. When Sanku and Kirara finally came out he grabbed her to stop her from following.
Meanwhile, Miroku had not noticed Sango following, and had come to a deserted area near where his grandfather had been sucked into the curse. Miroku stopped, and turned; he then noticed Sango, and yelled, “Sango, run!” Sango stopped and blinked. All of a sudden the prayer beads broke, and a gust of strong wind from the wind tunnel appeared, but as Miroku was trying to get control of it, it only got stronger. Sango still hadn’t figured out why Miroku was acting that way, until he raised his hands to the sky, and by then it was too late to run.
Meanwhile, miles away, Kagome came out of her house, only to feel a slight aftershock of the Wind Tunnel. Kouga who was visiting asked, “What is that? “Oh, no! Miroku must have lost control of the Wind Tunnel,” Kagome said.
At that same time, the wind had finally subsided, and Mushi let go of the thirteen year old Sanku. Kirara transformed, and roared into the sky. Sanku looked out in the distance, and said, “Mom… Dad… noooo!” Mushi shook Sanku slightly and said, “Sanku… Sanku, listen, you have to be strong, you are the only hope. Kirara take care of Sanku; Sanku I do believe your parents would want you to have their weapons.” “Yes, you’re right,” Sanku said. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and picked up her parents weapons. Kirara followed close behind, in her kitten form. Mushi said, “I hope you have better luck then Miroku, and everyone up to your great grand-father’s time.

Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters.  I do not own the idea.  They belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Akira Toriyama.
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