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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry it has taken so long it is sort of hard to post when nothing is open
Chapter 4

The Rescue

A year later, Kagashe said, “Mom, I’m going out.” “Oh no, you’re not, you leave and we’re all dead,” Kagome said. “HUMPH! Try and stop me,” Kagashe said. “Kagashe, sit!” Kagome said. Crash! Kagashe fell face first on the floor. Shippo, who was in the corner, with Kaede said, “Yep, there’s no mistaking she is “his” daughter.” Kagashe got up off the floor and said, “Why did you do that? And why did you use the word sit…” Crash! Kagashe fell back to the ground. Kagome just stared in shock at Kagashe, and Kagashe picked up her head and said, “Oh, man.”
All of a sudden, one of Kanincha’s soldiers appeared in the doorway. Kagashe got off the floor, and grabbed the Tetsaiga. The soldier attacked and Kagashe sliced it in half.
Kagashe looked out the doorway and said, “You people stay here.” Myoga, who was on Kagashe’s shoulder, fled. As Kagashe left through the front door, she was faced with Kanincha’s army, and suddenly the Tetsaiga began to pulse. Kagashe said, “Finally.” Kagashe transformed the sword, and began to destroy the army, but wasn’t getting anywhere. “Oh, man, no matter how many I destroy more keep coming,” Kagashe said. Just then a whip of light destroyed 17 soldiers that were standing straight in a row. The soldiers were only clay statues, but were powerful. Kagashe was starting to wear out, and Jaken, Kagura, Rin, and Ah-Un appeared in the sky; they flew to Kagashe. Jaken said, “I’ll handle this.” Jaken then put the staff in front of him, and yelled, “Feel the power of the staff of two heads.” At that, fire shot out of the staff, destroying the soldiers in front, but more came.
All of a sudden Sesshomaru landed beside the five of them. “Jaken find the leader,” Sesshomaru said. Rin said, “Isn’t that it?” Rin pointed to an unusual blue soldier among the brown ones. Sesshomaru who had just killed another slew of soldiers, turned to the leader and said, “Behold Dragon Strike!” A blue light came out of the Tensaiga he was holding, and the leader along with the army was demolished.
Kagashe, who was on the ground on one knee, stood up. You could see how tired she was just by looking at her. Sesshomaru put up the sword, and turned to her, “Get going, they’ll be back with greater numbers.” Kagashe went inside and told the group, “We’ve got to move on.” Kagome nodded; everyone packed their stuff and headed out. Kagome asked, “Did you do all this?” She saw the battlefield. “No, Jaken and uncle Sesshomaru did most of it,” Kagashe said. “Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked, “You mean “he” came to your aid?” Kagashe nodded. As they were leaving, Kagashe noticed that Sesshomaru and his team were continuing to follow at a distance, but didn’t say anything to anyone.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and Characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea it belongs to Akira Toriyama.  Kagashe I created.
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