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Chapter 7

The Bells

When Kagashe got home, Kagome let her in and said, “Why don’t you rest up, Kagashe.” Kagashe nodded, and went into her room. Kagome turned to Sesshomaru, and asked, “What happened, and where is Shippo?” After Sesshomaru told her what he saw, Kagome said, “I see. Thanks for saving her. If it gets much worse there won’t be much we’ll be able to do. I just hope we won’t have to use a time machine.” Sesshomaru nodded and left.
Six months later, Kouga, Ginta, and Hakakaku were running down a path, looking for Kanincha, when they fell in a hole that was covered with leaves and branches. Kouga looked up, and Ginta said, “What is this?” “You got me,” Hakakaku said. “You two stay here. If I’m not back in an hour, don’t come looking for me. I won’t be around,” Kouga said. Koga then jumped up and took off.
Thirty minutes later, a few hundred bugs attacked him; Kouga was able to fight them off but was stung in the process. Just then Kanincha appeared with an army of soldiers and said, “Take him to the building. The soldiers did as they were told, and a bug appeared near Kanincha. Kanincha nodded to the bug, and then said to the remaining soldiers, “Three hundred large ogres have joined our armies. The plan is only half complete, or at least the first part. We need more demons though; I know we’ve been collecting demons, but we also need dragons.” Just then a guard from the building showed up and said, “That dog is loose again.” “Err… why does he keep falling down?” Kanincha said, annoyed.
Four days later, Ginta and Hakakaku were in a hut by themselves, when Kanincha spotted them. Ginta said, “Hakakaku, I wonder what happened to Koga.” Hakakaku said, “No telling but…” Hakakaku started. Kanincha dissolved the hut around them, and the two started to run. Kanincha stopped them, grabbing them by the arms, and taking them to the building.
The next day, Kagashe, Kagome, and Myoga heard the loud bells. Everyone knew the loud bells from the building told of the death of Koga, Ginta, and Hakakaku. Everyone was very upset.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and charactors, nor do I own the idea.  Rumiko Takahashi and Akira Toriyama own them.  Kagashe and Kanincha I created.
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