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Author's Chapter Notes:
I've heard rumers that this will happen in the end of the Manga, but even though I know it isn't true I put it in.  Want proof go to www.onemanga.com and look at chapter 558.
Chapter 9

The Wind Scar

Kagashe is now five years of age, and she and Sesshomaru have taken a break from training so Kagashe could entertain Rin and Jaken, and Kagura could spend some time with Sesshomaru. Three days later, Kagura, Kagashe, and Sesshomaru were at a canyon, and the sky was filled with demons and dragons; each was from the highest range of power. “Now I get it,” Sesshomaru said. Kagashe said, “Uncle Sesshomaru?” “Kagura, you and Kagashe go somewhere safe,” Sesshomaru said. “No, I want to help,” Kagashe said. “Kagashe, you should know that you act the same as your father did,” Sesshomaru said. Kagashe blinked and said, “Your point is?” “This battle is bigger than both of us; I doubt we would be able to destroy all of them. This Sesshomaru will make sure you survive. Here give this to Rin and Jaken,” Sesshomaru said, giving Kagashe an envelope. “I can’t let anything else bad happen,” Kagashe said. Sesshomaru took Tokijin off and gave it to Kagura, who nodded. He then turned to Kagashe and said, “Kagashe, take care of Rin, Jaken, and your mom, and tell your mom to use the backup plan.” Kagashe asked, “What backup plan?” “You’ll find out from your mom,” Sesshomaru said, and at that he knocked her out.
“Take Kagashe and get somewhere safe,” Sesshomaru said. Kagura put the sword at her waist, and bent down to pick up Kagashe. “You won’t survive, you must know that,” Kagura said. “Hurry and go,” Sesshomaru said. The two took one last look at each other, then Kagura used her feather ride with her free hand, and left with a teary look in her eyes; Kagashe still had the envelope in her hand.
Sesshomaru turned to face the battlefield and said, “You want me here I am.” “Just what does Kanincha think she’s doing? That’s enough power to kill five hundred Sesshomarus,” Kagura said, while heading away with Kagashe.
When they were at a safe distance, Kagura let down her feather, and once on the ground, Kagashe woke up. Kagashe sat up, and upon seeing the battlefield said, “Why? When I get my hands on Kanincha, she’s going to wish she never killed anyone.” Kagashe pulled out her sword, and could see the Wind Scar, and upon realizing that Sesshomaru had sacrificed himself for more than just Kagashe, Kagura got back and away from Kagashe. The demons were heading strait for Kagashe and Kagura, and at that Kagashe sliced the Wind Scar, killing all the demons and dragons. Once all of the creatures were killed, Kagashe dropped to her knees and cried, “Uncle!”
Three hours later, Kagashe and Kagura returned to Kagome, Kagome took one look at Kagashe and knew what happened. “Mom, it’s time we use whatever backup plan we have, Kagashe said. Kagashe looked at Rin and Jaken and walked over to them; she gave them the envelope. Just then the Tensaiga, which was flying fell into the ground. Kagura said, “I better go, Sesshomaru told me to go someplace else, if he didn’t survive, three days ago.” She pulled out a feather and once outside, she left. “Well, I guess we make a time machine,” Kagome said. Kagashe turned around and said, “I’ll be able to help, now that the Wind Scar has been unleashed.
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, they belong to Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not own the idea, it belongs to Akira Toriyama.
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