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I'm in love with sesshomaru and i love inuyasha im 14 going on 15 and love to write fan fiction. im in a cosplay group and i also like to roleplay i take it very sriously one of my very best friends is this crazy girl named Alanna (damien snow) and shes also in my cosplay group :) -WARNING- i take role play seriously HALLO! im imani or melodie, arabella idc or in becausejoshisgay's case:(jamie)14. i'm not pretending be someone i'm not but i will say this i"m a 4th year at hogwarts, Gryffindor. in love with my pure blood prince draco. im a pure blood myself. i love tokio hotel tom is my favorite. wizard rock (wrock) is my fave i love music drawing i never look down on muggles o muggle borns :) anyone can be my friend i am 14. i love to act and sing. i dance. and write all the time when it rains you might catch me dancing in it! call me what you want i just blow it off. (or get draco to blow you up) oh and i'm a proud supporter/fighter in dumbledor's army!
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