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Hello~ I am San-sama! The 'san' is actually short for Sango ^.^' not original, I know.

I am a teenager and have been writting IYFF ever since I watched the anime and have been hooked ever since. I consider myself an advanced writer with a lot of critiques but don't worry: I'm not picky of anyone else's work, just my own. I'm heavy on description and personally like web stories with at least 10 chapters and 2500 words each chapter -at the least.

This is the site where I first started reading IYFF, and it's got a soft spot in this youthful heart of mine. I've been through the fanfiction spurts where everyone was posting, I've been through some dry times, I've been through times where the site was struggling to stay open.

But alas, I'm a teenager so I cannot donate ):

This is about my fourth account -.-' all my accounts are from 2013 so I've forgotten the idiotic passwords my childish brain thought of. For some reason, the password resets don't send to my emails.

Anywho, this is a bio so I should tell you more about myself -.-''

Meh. I'm a bit lazy at the moment. I'll update this sooner or later. :)


A new member that's not actually new xD sorry guys<3

* I also beta-read/edit if anyone's interested! 

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