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Hi everyone! I'm new to this particular website, and I love to create fanfictions of my favorite anime stars! The Inu-gang, DUH! I've never really created an InuYasha fanfiction-- they've always ended up deleted because after reading some of the ones of here, I feel mine are too awful to post. Thanks for reading my little bio and remember: InuYasha forever!

That was a cheesy way to end my biography but I have nothing else to say. *shrugs*

**Yeah, I'm never going to update 'Disappearance' lol. I just don't have that passion for it anymore. I have another account on this site and I rarely go on this one. I'm glad people still read my fanfics, it means a lot to me!! Ja ne~**

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Summary: Kagome goes through the well to find herself in the past. Way in the past. Only to meet the man who would once become the great leader of the dog demon clan.
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