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Hello, I'm Nikkie, a girl who fervently wishes everyone had dog ears and loves Inuyasha to bunches. I also love Kenshin manga/anime, Ceres  Manga/Anime, Absolute Boyfriend-Manga, Her Majesty's Dog Manga-another dog demon story. I recently discovered Bleach as well!

Fictional authors I like: David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Lisanne Norman, JK Rowlings are my favourites.

I am an artist - I love to draw, paint, and sketch. I expect of myself Perfectism and can be a harsh critic of my own works. Attempting to learn how to use my Wacom Graphing Tablet. I am trying to learn Japanese and Italian. I wish life had more sound effects and people can do anime stunts...

I love reading, writing and loving Inuyasha/Kagome stories. Those two are destined for each other. I will write and read Inu/Kag/Sess stories only if ALL consent to it and they are all together with the understanding Kag belongs more to Inu. I also love to write about Inuyasha's more Dog Behaviours. I also draw Inuyasha/Kagome piccies.

After that I love playing with the pairings. And find myself drawn to seeing Jaken getting his share of love and companionship.

I have a very open mind for the most part and is always trying, wanting to see the best and good in everyone. I am always bubbly and in good spirits - quicker to smile than frown.

I don't believe in flaming a person if the story is awful (after all it's MY choice to read it in the first place and MY choice to stop reading it if it bugs me) but I do like to ask questions.

I follow my favourite Artists and Writers and to each of them I have so much faith in them! I love cheering for my favourite writers and Artists!!! Though I do have many people I am working on making Art for. My Adult!Rin when I draw her I strive to make her look like Rin and not just a carbon copy of Kagome. I also believe in showing Love Without Barriers in my sketches.

Love collecting, hording and guarding Inuyasha stories, manga/anime, collectables and artwork. 

My favourite Fanfiction Writers/Artists are Terri Botta, InuFan625, AlterFano, Doggieearlover, DelKaiden, Urd-chan, Silent Sky, Inuyashaloverr, FarAwayEyes, ButterYasha, Bluezinthos, Ayamegusa, Foo-Dog, Inugrrrl, Inuaddict, E-quahlo, KnittingKnots, Kirayasha and many others. Big Mega Whoot!! to them!!

I love people who write good stories that use proper grammar and spelling. I find it really reduces the enjoyment and the power of a story when people just don't take the time to check over a story. Makes me sad because there is so many tools available today to help a person. It also is sad when people make the characters glaringly OOC to fit their stories. Writers who can capture the essence of the characters and keep them true. Who can pull me into the story and get me to respond to the story. They are excellent writers!

It takes alot and I do mean alot for me to review a story and to call someone a Literary Goddess or God.

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