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Summary: A tragic poem - Kagome ponders her existence after being saved in a battle. All she wishes is to join the others in death yet, she fears it. She is a tired soul, one that longs to simply rest after so many lonely years. A soul that knows that there are attonments left unpaid. It is now that she contemplates her reasons for living.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Angst/ Drama, Poetry Characters: Kagome Higurashi
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Published: 24 Dec 2012 Updated: 24 Dec 2012
Story Notes:
All Inuyasha characters (c) RT
Concept for this poem (c) Daphneshaggydoo

1. Chapter 1 by Daphneshaggydoo [Reviews - 1] (387 words)

A/N - This is technically chapter 27 of "If Only In Reality" but I felt it was good enough to stand alone. The premise of this is that Inuyasha and the others have died and now Kagome has been left to fend for herself. (Seeing as she's stuck in the feudal era) After a horrific battle, to which Kagome was saved, Kagome wonders why they saved her when no one cares for her on this earthly plane anymore. All she wants is to be with her love...