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Hey, My name is Scarlett. (yes, that's my real name)

First things I want everyone to know is that I'm a complete fan of both InuYasha and Harry Potter. There's nothing wrong with them, but when I fall in love with a story the wheels in my mind start turning and a story is created.

When I was quite young, long before I finished reading Harry Potter, I read the series InuYasha. Duh, That's why I'm on here. But I created a character with InuYasha's name. Kagome's and InuYasha's daughter... InuYasha Kurami Tashio Higurashi. I placed the middle name cause I placed one when I was young,. if it bugs you... take it out of your mind :)

Then I read the end of Harry Potter.I'll tell you know, there is nothing wrong with Ginny. Put when i saw the two books together on the table. The rough draft of this story was created. And instantly I fell in love with Yashie and Harry.

So that's it! That's my backround story.

The story that will forever be editted.

5 years in the making. 

Hey everyone guess what! I have a new DevinantArt to show what's was going on in my head when I created this story! I'm ScarlettMidnight1o so look me up. I only have one up, but it's a goodd Sneek Peak.

Hey guys! got a e-mail! so if anyone wants to send me a message in regards to my stories send an e-mail! it'll be great to hear from you!

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The Third book of the series Eye Before the Storm is almost just a build up story. This is what happens in the little bit of mostly peace when Harry and Yashie raise their children before the children are forced to take over their parents roles and defeand the New World their parent's fought for. But a secret remains in their family, one that allows them to live happily and safely as Naraku still struggles to take what's Yashies and Harry's.

 But who can grow up without knowing their mother's real name, face, and family?

 Thank you so much for everyone who read this series so far, I hope you will like the last two book, and also I'm going to start updating "Before the Crossing" so people can finally know Yashie's life before Harry Potter.

Categories: Humor, Crossover, Action/ Adventure, Romance
Characters: Custom
Series: A Cross of Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny
Chapters: 10 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 03 Sep 2011 Updated: 19 Feb 2012

The second book of the Crossing time and Magic series.

The story continues as  Hermione, Ron and Harry set out to find Voldemorts Horcruxes. Relationships change and destiny is rewritten as a a alternate reality spins for Harry Potter.  And one word explains it all. InuYasha, the daughter of our favorite heros. InuYasha and Kagome.As the story continues you hear stories of Kagome and InuYasha you've never heard from Rimiko, or stories of Harry, Hermione, and Ron from J.k Rowling never wrote, and see the relationship of Yashie and Harry blossom. 

Categories: Humor, Crossover, Action/ Adventure, Romance
Characters: Custom
Series: A Cross of Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny
Chapters: 23 Table of Contents
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Summary: What if InuYasha and Kagome ever had a daughter? How about twin daughters? and a son thrown into the mix. Now imagine if their names was InuYasha ( named after InuYasha himself) Kayla her twin sister. (Yes InuYasha jr. Is a girl.) and InuSuke. Now if you have ever read the end of the InUYasha seires you know that Sango and Miroku had twin daughters and a baby son. Well the story, well first one anyway does not have Inusuke or the twin girls. But it does have InuYasha, Kayla, and the son named Mitch. oh, and an orphan girl Sango raised to be a demon slayer named Stephanie.

Okay now moving out of the inuYasha world In to The world of Harry Potter, Yes. The Boy Who Lived / Chosen One. Dumbledore Genius that he is had contact many years with Kagome while InuYasha and her siblings grew up.

Harry is going into the sixth year of Hogwarts, and everything in the original book gets twisted and another destiny is created for dear Harry Potter, Thanks to Dumbledore.

Feeling that the school is in need for some extra protection Dumbledore contact's someone through history that is named InuYasha the Savior. No it is not InuYasha Sr. Because InuYasha being her mothers daughter she traveled around Japan and other places through time, leaving her mark through out history. Agreeing (reluctanly) to Dumbledores request. InuYasha , later known as Yashie, Finds herself in a entertwined destiny at Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardy. Soon to be meeting the only girl with brains that matches her sisters and Stephanie's, Mitch's way of life, and finally another creature of history, a green eyed boy.

After they become friends and Voldemort discovers Who InuYasha really is is Hogwarts safe? Is anyone?
Categories: Humor, Crossover, Action/ Adventure, Romance
Characters: Custom
Series: A Cross of Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny
Chapters: 20 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 45894 Read Count: 2972
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Okay guys. If you read my first story Crossing time and Magic you'd know that InuYasha and Kagome have kids and those kids land up at Hogwarts. But this story is how they got there, and the adventures they had before they met Harry, Hermione and Ron . And there is another difference this is from Kagome and InuYasha in the beginning. And the last thing I'm gonna say is if you like InuYasha in my Hogwarts story, you'll want to know her past in more detail!

Categories: Humor, Action/ Adventure, Romance
Characters: Inu Yasha
Series: A Cross of Time, Magic, Life, and Destiny
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
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