Join IYFF Yahoo! Group & Other News
If you are a member here at the main site, I also recommend trying the Yahoo! Group.

We often update news there too and allow members into sharing their idea. Also, in May we will be starting a thread for Recommended fanfics from you all, the members. So, if you want to be involved in that, you should go ahead and try it.

BTW, as an update, as a clarification on some of the recent events concerning the moderators removed from their positions... those mods chose to leave due to their actions. There was a lot of things said offlist where it could not embarrass them and what was passed around to friends and acquaintenances were once again wrong and half-truths. Some of what was said were some lies and from the countless numbers of mixed emails I have received, I will have to publicly state my side. For the record, no threats were issued anywhere to anyone to remove anyones fanfiction, so if you have resorted to lurking here because your were told that information, you were extremely misinformed.

If you are a fan of drabbles, you may try to join iy_themes club ( ). Despite issues with anyone, I am not going to prevent people from joining places due to drama and just dumb junk. No, IYFF is not affiliated with the group, but we strongly promote ANY InuYasha-related website in general no matter personal matters.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 25 Apr 2009 2:52:01 PM 5 Comments

Hey all recently we did a post for the mod picks of the (every other) week. Now can I get some feed back on this. Do you guys like it, disllike it, any opinions on it at all? Come on people tell me something even if it's 'I hate your guts'. We need your input on these things so we know if what we are doing is good or bad for the site.

So please please let me know. Thanks Keva

--Keva on 24 Apr 2009 7:32:39 AM 4 Comments
Episode 2 Screenshots Up
175 Screenshots available of episode 2, "Seekers of the Sacred Jewel" have been posted.

That means that there are well over 400 screenshots already available on the site for download and use. :)

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 21 Apr 2009 5:13:12 PM 0 Comments

Hey all;

Recently you may have noticed that a few of the mods have left and someone has been out there making up excuses about why she is no longer a mod and playing the victim; however the mods that have left, left of their own choice. I will not go into detail as to the reasons for why they left or anything that led up to it.

We are a fanfic site; not a drama site and high school drama has no place here. We all come here to share our writing skills with others and share our love for the fandom. So if you feel it necessary to cause problems for others here for petty reasons then you do not need to be here.

If any of you have any concerns about this please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Or you can contact the remaining admin; PitaBread, Dark_Author, Raven_Clover, DanaRose31382 or Taiyoukai_Nile.

Thanks Keva

--Keva on 18 Apr 2009 4:44:09 AM 5 Comments
New Drabble Moderator

Hi I'd like to take a moment and introduce myself! My name is Dana and I will be the new LJ Drabbles moderator! :) I'll also be working here on the site. Now for those of you who are part of the drabble community the prompt list for 2009 has changed. So please take a look at it. Those of you who aren't members I invite you to join us! Writing drabbles is an excellent excersize and can help you become a better writer!

Dana :)

--DanaRose31382 on 16 Apr 2009 9:29:01 PM 5 Comments
New Feature at our Yahoo!group!

Hey everyone! Pita here to let you know that for those of you that are also members of the yahoo!group for Inuyasha-Fanfiction, we're going to have something new.

Basically, Keva and I are going to be introducing our "Reading Picks". We'll guide you to interesting stories that have captured our attention and we think might be right up your alley. It will include a quick summary and the pairing in the story, as well as a link to the story on our site. If you are a member and have turned off emails, now might be the time to turn them on. And if you're not a member of the group yet, what are you waiting for?! :]

Remember guys, we're here to help! If you ever need help with ANYTHING (ie: finding something, learning how to do something, etc...) just email one of us or just click on the "Contact Us" button down on the bottom of the page. We'll be glad to assist you!

<3 PB

--PitaBread on 14 Apr 2009 10:42:24 PM 4 Comments
Episode Screenshot are Here!
I spent time doing screenshots and have completed and posted Episode 1, The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who was Just Overcome.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 14 Apr 2009 6:16:08 PM 0 Comments
LJ Drabble Prompt: Spring
For the next 2 weeks (until April 21st) the IYFF LiveJournal Community is having a prompt. The prompt is "Spring."

If you have not tried LiveJournal, it is not hard to learn and drabbles are fun. They are great exercises in working with a limited amount of words, your favorite characters and a theme to go with it.

Hope to see you there!

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 09 Apr 2009 8:11:51 PM 4 Comments
New Layout
New layout is up. Per user request, the "Browse" link was put up again. The vote was for InuYasha and Kagome, so I did my own version of the lockets.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 09 Apr 2009 8:01:54 PM 9 Comments
Last Days To Support Site for April 2009!
I didn't die. I'm still around. I just scan stories and edit lately, but I noticed we collected $45. With the $40 that Nile said, we've raised $85. You can donate at that little module on the sidebar, or you can go to You can also click on the text links below. I'm gonna throw this out there, but I think we should put banner ads just for here. (Where the Kagome banner is.)If you had a site, would you buy a banner spot here? I'm not sure what it'd cost, but I'm pretty sure it would not be much. What do you think? Thanks to those who've contributed.

~~ (^-^)Lydia

--Raven_Clover on 30 Mar 2009 5:14:23 PM 8 Comments
Featured Story Banners

With the help of Luxken27, all featured fics, both current and retired, now have their own personalized banners. We did our best to come up with ones that would portray the story in some way. We hope that each of you that has a featured fanfiction here enjoys them!

For a complete list, click on "Browse" and then "Featured Stories" to see all of them in one place.


--doggieearlover on 26 Mar 2009 11:56:25 PM 7 Comments
Please Support Site for April!
So far there has been $40 donated toward April. I put up a tally, which is connected to the paypal address on the donation information page. No one seems to be clicking much as we did not evne make half of the minimum allowed for payout for the text ad site (text links are at the bottom of the site.)

Your help is very much appreciated. Even $5 helps a ton. In fact, if you even host at for as little as $25 a year (includes a domain of .com, .net or .org for new accounts- not transfers), then you are supporting this site. If you know a friend, then tell them about it... word of mouth does do wonders.

I am going to put a new poll up on what character duo you would like to see in the next layout for the site.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 26 Mar 2009 4:58:03 PM 2 Comments
Calling All Drabble Writers!

We have posted the new prompt at our drabble community at LiveJournal ( The prompt is "Bite" and the word limit is 500. You may interpret it any way you like as long as it features characters from the InuYasha manga or anime series. You will need a LiveJournal account and join the community in order to participate. If you don't have one, you can get one for free at

Winners will recieve banners for their placements, and all participants will recieve one as well. In addition, as a special bonus, the first place winner of each drabble contest at the iy_fanfiction community that posts here as well will be featured for no less than one month. So, come and check out our upcoming challenges and the rules at

Hope to see you there!

And many thanks to Luxken27 who has helped with the banners both for the featured fics here and at the LJ community. We hope those of you with fics that are featured enjoy them. We also intend to create them for the previously featured fics as well, but we're still working our way through them.


--doggieearlover on 24 Mar 2009 10:47:58 PM 4 Comments
site updates

I am in the process of creating banners for our featured fanfictions here at InuYasha Fanfiction. I'd discussed it with Nile last fall, but then got busy with other things and didn't followthrough. With help from Luxken27, banners are being created for all of the current and former featured fanfics.

The featured list has been updated, with those that have been on it that were finished four or more months ago have been retired (they are now marked by a red ribbon rather than blue). The bannerswill be added in batches as they are created.

Another update is thatyou can now browse by "most recent" or "featured fanfics" in addition to the other usual choices.

Also, please check out the drabble community at LiveJournal. If you've never participated in one before, it is a challenge to come up with a fic based on a prompt with a limited amount of words you can use. If you are interested, you will find it at . I hope to have the next prompt posted this weekend.

--doggieearlover on 24 Mar 2009 12:08:37 AM 5 Comments
Call for a Mod for IYFF Drabble Community
If there is anyone that would like to help out as the mod who can give out the weekly assigned Drabbles on Sunday evenings, please post in the LiveJournal.

I would also like if someone might want to volunteer to do the weekly banners based off images I make. My time is strained right now as my stepmother had major back surgery. Unfortunately, the vertabre above it started crumbling and so she will have to do more. I have been assisting with her care and to keep her company a lot. This has taken away from my online time too. Help is appreciative!

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 23 Mar 2009 4:02:02 PM 5 Comments
Site Updates
Thank you for helping to donate $60 for March towards the site. It is appreciated. I will be placing one for April very soon.

Also, we have been added to so if you have a site and are a member of several places like (FFnet, MySpace, Yahoo and more), you can sign up, fill out your online identities with your username or your username ID#, it will display all the places you are a member of on your site. Nifty, huh? :)

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 07 Mar 2009 3:01:49 AM 4 Comments
The site has been up and down in the past week. I am working with HostGator to see what the issue with the server is. We thought it was the apache or memory. However, I will update. The tech installed tools on the server to do a 'snap-shot' when the problem occurs. If you notice anything right away, you can contact the Yahoo! Group or as a last resort. As soon as this is pinpointed and figured out, it can be solved. I hate waiting, but it is needed. However, this will not happen like last year... the company that leases the server is far more competent thankfully. Thank you for your support. We only raised $5 for next month. I have been working hard on my end as well. Everyone, give Keva a shoutout for all the hard work done. Unfortunately, a computer problem keeps Keva away at the moment, but I hope for a quick return.

--Nile on 22 Feb 2009 1:30:01 AM 4 Comments
Profile Fields
When you fill out your bio for, you can now tell everyone where you put your stories at on, Adultfanfiction and Dokuga. BTW, fanficton site owners, please feel free to email me if you have an IY related site so we can allow authors to share all their fanfiction profile links.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 18 Jan 2009 11:09:41 PM 6 Comments
Support The Site

As we enter the new year we are growing larger and larger with new members, new stories, new challenges, and soon to come another round of awards.

We are trying to get the site running they way Nile has imagined it to for all of us. She has been working madly on getting the fanart section up and running and has been working on a new layout for it as well. I'm currently working on the character bios as well as a video for the site. The other mods are out there ensuring integrity and trying to promote the site to draw in more users.

Everyday we get new users, new authors, and new stories but in order to keep the site up and available for you to use we need your help. I understand that times are hard for many of us and that's okay but any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. You can go to and make a donation of whatever you can afford or you can help by just clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Imagine if every one of you clicked on just one link at the bottom that would help pay for the server costs each month. We have just over 2200 members and we want to keep the site up and running for you all to use and enjoy. So please help however you can; even if it is just by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page and passing around the word about the site to friends, family, and users on other sites would be greatly appreciated. The more people we draw to the site the more help we can get.

On behalf of all the mods and myself; I wish you a very Happy New Year and a hope that all your 2009 wishes come true. Keva


--Keva on 02 Jan 2009 10:19:55 AM 5 Comments
Another Poll option for the IYFF Drabble of the Year Awards
For those who are not livejournal users, you can vote at the following link:

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 19 Dec 2008 5:21:33 PM 0 Comments
Vote for the InuYasha Fanfiction Drabble of the Year

If you are wondering how these drabbles were nominated, it was because of their participating at out IYFF LiveJournal Community, which is a extension of the main website. Here were the guidelines:

1. All winners of previous challenges are eligible.

2. Voting will start December 14th at LJ Community

3. Voting ends December 31st.

4. Winner announced January 1, 2009. The Winner gets is a one year subscription account to LiveJournal that will be awarded no later than January 15th. Also, they will receive a special banner illustrating their special win, and the same banner will be posted on the main page of the LJ community for a year.

If anyone is wondering why there are not many nominees, we had started the LJ community in August and have had 7 weeks. One week there were no submissions and another week, was won by a mod from the main site (but not at the LJ community) who stepped down.

If you are wondering how you could win next year, simply join the IYFF LJ community and participate sometimes. If your drabble wins even one week, you at least have one nomination! :)

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 14 Dec 2008 3:18:35 AM 4 Comments
10 Million By The First
Hey all we are just over 1 million words away from 10 million. Lets see if we can hit it before the new year. So lets get our muses busy and get new chapters and new stories posted. Yeah!

--Keva on 13 Dec 2008 10:01:25 PM 7 Comments
another mod - referral program.
I think Nile forgot to introduce me. I'm Lydia, a.k.a Raven_Clover. I am here to help mod the site. I like writing the drabbles than writing longer stories. I really hope I can help. This is a large group with a lot of stories. My main focus is to help promote the site. So, I'm also encouraging the members. Tell your friends and if they join, tell us and I'll put a "Super Member" banner on your profile. I'll even create a page to recognize you all as a supporter.

--Raven_Clover on 10 Nov 2008 4:21:00 PM 4 Comments
User Profile update is allowing people to fill in the fields now for MySpace (id and URL to profile there), LiveJournal (id and URL to profile there), as well as DeviantArt (id and URL to profile there.)

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 03 Nov 2008 9:25:25 PM 6 Comments
AnimeChains banner xchange removed
Due to the fact that while I was trying to do some edits in the admin section, I was getting redirected to other websites and found that it was due to the Animechains Banner exchange that was located on the bottom of the site. It has been removed.

--Taiyoukai_Nile on 28 Oct 2008 9:50:45 PM 5 Comments