Come ON, guys!

You guys are doing a great job over here. I'm so pleased to see so many great stories, one-shots, and poems.

I'm a little disappointed, however, in the lack of participation in our Yahoo! group. We only have 39 members (and we appreciate every one of you). I was really excited to have our own awards for our site, and I figured with so many members, we would have a great time nominating and voting. Maybe it's the timing - are you guys too busy, since summer is here? I can understand that. I'm rather busy myself (to the point where I haven't been able to write much).

You certainly can't use lack-of-a-web-address for an excuse, because we have a HUGE button on our homepage that says "JoinThe Yahoo! Group". XD

I hope some of you will consider joining. If you don't want to vote, you don't have to. But you're missing out bynot joining. I hope to see some of you in the message boards. ^^

<3 Pita

P.S. Just so you can't say I didn't give it to you, lol:

--PitaBread on 24 Jul 2008 11:47:32 PM 4 Comments
IYFF Annual Awards
Time for nominating. You can nominate your favorites at:

Remember, you can only nominate fanfiction posted here at that has been posted between August 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

One nomination per category. Also, one person per nomination, hence why there is a whole form with one slot for each category.

No nominating your own fanfic. Also, you do not have to be a member of this site, but in order to vote, you must be a member of the Yahoo! Group as the voting will be there in the last week of July.

--Nile on 02 Jul 2008 12:16:30 AM 4 Comments
IYFF: Annual Awards (Rules & Procedure)
We will be hosting nominations at the site starting July 1, 2008. The link to the nominations page will be revealed on that day.

Rules & Procedure:

1. Nominees are only accepted if their fanfic is posted at . This is only for their fanfic. Fanfiction that is nominated will have a graphic posted in the index of the chapters of the story to inform readers that they are a nominee.

2. The fanfic must be posted between August 1 of the previous year to June 30th to qualify. It does not matter that the fanfic was posted 6 years ago elsewhere.

3. Nominators do not have to be a member of,
BUT they have to be a member of the inuyasha-fanfiction Yahoo! Group
to be able to contribute a vote.

4. Nominations require a seconding. First nominations are from July 1 to July 10, and second nominations are from July 11 to July 20.

5. Voting will be on July 21 to July 31.

6. Winners will be revealed August 1. Winners will have a graphic posted in their story by the mods or owner to allow others to see the fanfic writers' accomplishments.

7. Future award to be determined based on the results of the 2007- 2008 InuYasha Fanfiction Awards.

--Nile on 28 Jun 2008 7:01:42 PM 3 Comments
'Spark domain redirected here
For any who have stumbled here using the old 'Spark address (, the new URL is at, the domain has been re-directed here. I apologize for the inconvenience, but if you wish to go to 'Spark, it is at . We have a great community that has been here since August 2007 and it was the former sister site of 'Spark.

--Nile on 08 Jun 2008 6:05:12 PM 0 Comments
Looking for IY wallpapers, fan art and more
Prepare your Inu Yasha artwork! I am making a section dedicated to this. You can submit by emailing me your work at nile AT inyasha-fanfiction DOT com and including your member name so a link to your profile will be posted next to your work. Do not submit another's work, only yours. Thanks!

--Nile on 07 May 2008 2:49:44 AM 0 Comments
Over 2 millions words... and we have a new mod
Well, since the last news item, we have doubled our word count (thanks Pitabread for speaking up about that) !

Also, I have promoted 1 mod.... Keva. Keva currently authors 11 wonderful fanfics and is extremely dedicated to the IY fandom! Please congratulate Keva. Keva's main area will be moding the General category.

Eventually there will be at least 1 mod per category. I would also like 2 mods for the Characters section so we can fill those pages with information and pictures of the characters as a resource.

Sounds exciting, huh?!?

Also, I am inviting any IY and Sess/Kag fan to join the *NEW* Single Spark forum. Hopefully it will become a great place for fanfic readers, writers and overall IY fanatics to enjoy visiting and talking it up!

Also, as a last note... Emily, you copied more than half a dozen stories and posted them here. That is a NO-NO. I tried contacting you, but you did not reply, so I removed your account 2 times now.

--Nile on 24 Feb 2008 9:03:56 PM 8 Comments
Over 1 Million Words
Wow! We have reached over 100 stories with more than a million words. A fun filled bit to know is that minimum expectations of a novel are 92,000 words and above. That means we have enough words to equal well over 10 books!

400 plus members and climbing. Thank you for your support in this website since its opening in August. Please keep spreading the word to your friends, even make a mention in your fanfics at other places like,, AnimeSpiral, and more.

I recently started making ringtones and I will be embarking on a project solely for IYFF to give us our own media section, downloadable ringtones with sounds from InuYasha. :) Sounds exciting, huh?!?

I will possibly be looking into having 2 moderators, so here is what I require of my mods. It is currently a volunteer position, but I expect some dedication. If interested, leave a comment. Here are the requirements:

- No less than 5 hours a month to dedicate to moderating IYFF.

- Check fanfic sections to make sure stories are put in their proper place. Since this site seems flexible, we need to make sure that they are listed properly, meaning you NEED to read the fanfic to determine if they belong.

- If a fanfic is poorly written due to grammatical errors, correct them and email the original author. We want our fanfics to be of good quality, so we as mods and admins need to keep it that way.

- Ability to take on a project and complete it within adequate time with enthusiasm. No half assed jobs!

Moderators will not be allowed to delete fanfics. This is currently at the discretion of myself, the admin. In the future, when and how well it goes, a banner ad rotation will be placed on the website to acquire money. Eventually after acquiring the amount equivalent to host IYFF, the rest would be split evenly between mods and admin.

As a last note, I will be talking with efiction script creator about a way to integrate fanart into their script as a plug-in module. I think this would be an asset as I do not want to break up the format of the site and put a separate section for fanart.

--Nile on 17 Nov 2007 5:07:57 PM 10 Comments
Reporting Plagiarism
It has come to my attention that there has been a troll lurking about the fanfiction sites and then posting others work on this website as well as a few others. This is plagiarism. The user and the fanfics were removed from this website.

Any reports of plagiarism are always reviewed within 72 hours. Response back to the reporters may be much later as I am a very busy woman. I do not tolerate plagiarism and hope that most of the users here feel the same way.

When reporting, please include:

- ID of User violating policy

- fanfics involved including links to outside resources as reference

Do not report same user more than once. If they plagiarized more than one fanfic, include all violations so the process can be concluded swiftly.

I appreciate the report to be concise so I make an intelligent decision, rather than a rash one. Thank you to those who reported the recent havoc.

--Nile on 15 Oct 2007 3:12:52 AM 8 Comments
As Inu Yasha Fanfiction nears 250 members and a good number of stories, I have already started putting features on stories. I have some problems with the module, but never fear, I will solve it. I have activated the Members Online and the Polls feature.

I have added a few links to the site. I am looking for link exchanges with Inu Yasha related sites. I also am interested in affiliate sites with other anime fanfiction or anime sites. I also would not mind suggestions for IY sites out there.

The site front page has changed. Instead of 1 recent story being posted, there are 5.

--Nile on 17 Sep 2007 3:22:07 AM 7 Comments
Omake/ Miscellaneous Words outside story
I hate to be the bad guy, but this is a fanfiction site, not a babble on. I love the little omake on the end or beginning, but I have to put my foot down. Omake will have their own category. I expect any current stories containing conversations or omake scenes tacked onto the beginning or end of chapters to instead either not put it in or make a special omake in a new story file.

What I have seen so far makes the story messy and really is a waste of space. Since A Single Spark is a few years old, editing the thousands of fanfics are impossible. It is best to nip this now rather than later. I will add to the "Add New Story" module a note about this. Further omake will be removed by me or any other moderator.

--Nile on 01 Sep 2007 12:53:57 AM 3 Comments
Concerning Categorizing Your Fanfics
This site has reached over 100 members in a week, but like any site, there are always new discoveries that pop up. I have been noticing some stories categorized improperly, especially concerning any that were Adult. I have specificially placed Yaoi and Yuri under the Adult category. Even if the material is light and rated PG-13, please only categorize them under the Yaoi or Yuri, which are subcategories of the Adult category.

On another note, if your story has explicit material, regardless of what other categories it may include... ONLY place it in the Adult category, especially R and X rated fanfics.

Change of topic: A member asked if this site will replace A Single Spark. This site will NOT replace A Single Spark as this site encompasses at Inu Yasha fanfiction.

--Nile on 19 Aug 2007 9:34:44 PM 14 Comments
Member Validation
If you are unable to submit your work, do not fear... I just need to validate you. I just got done validating 41 members, and then myself. Thank you for joining. I hope to see some of your work. I had sent an email to my counterpart fanfiction site members, A Single Spark about the opening of this site. I will be adding a Featured Site of the Week, and hopefully with time, a Featured Fanfic of the Week.

I am open to many suggestions. I have already had a few like a shrine and a special section for screen caps. These are things I can arrange as I have many screencaps. I also own much of the manga as well.

Please when you submit, despite the site's general disclaimer at the bottom, please remember to place an Author note that you do not claim ownership and that it is the wonderful Rumiko Takahashi who has that very privilege.

Feel free to leave a comment. I will plug members who do so. :)

--Nile on 05 Aug 2007 10:25:22 PM 8 Comments
Officially Opened is officially opened. This has been a long planned project that I have singlehandedly put together. Right now, it is not much, but with time, hopefully the site will become more improved. All ages are welcomed to join, but there are warning messages for underage readers and writers so they know what they are getting into. The ratings are G, PG-13, NC-17, R, and X. The last three are preferrably for the older crowd.

As the site grows, I will be seeking loyal moderators. I also will be adding a banner ad rotation so the site can fund itself later on so it can eventually be placed on its own server.

If you are an owner of an Inu Yasha related website, and need link exchange, please use the contact option on this site or email me at nile AT inuyasha-fanfiction DOT com (typed to reduce spam.)

--Nile on 05 Aug 2007 1:55:29 AM 4 Comments